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Piazza Maria Ausiliatrice, 10 - 09092 Arborea (OR) - Tel. 0783 800241
  Where to find the Gallo Bianco  
We are here in the centre of Sardinian, on the west coast facing the Golf of Oristano, sixteen km from the centre of Oristano.
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The Golf of Oristano is characterized by the presence of very humid areas of very high naturalistic interest, with some rare animal life.

The Golf has been inhabitated since the ancient and middle Neolitic Periods. There is also notable evidence of the fenicio-puniche and roman abitation with the City of Tharros (on the Sinis peninsular), Othoca and Neapolis (respetively near the lagune of S. Giusta and Marceddì). Successive istorical events have tied the zone to the Giudicato di Arborea, which acquisted considerable importance in the XIII and the XIV century, with the judges Mariano II, Mariano IV and Eleonora. Also in this epoc assumed the role of the Capital of Sardinia.

The area is rich in traditions. In Arborea in paricula akes place he "Brusa la Vecia" (Epifany), the "Sagra delle Fragole" (middle of June), "Corpus Domini" and the " Infiorata" (metà giugno), "Cristo Redentore" and the "Fieragricola" (end of July) and the "Sagra della Polenta" (October).


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